About Us

The Pragatik Shikshan Parasarak Mandal, Akola(P.S.P Mandal) Was established some six decades back in 1942 to fulfill the aspirations and educational needs of the people in those time. The same year the mandal established New Era High School, Akola and very soon earned great reputation in the academic circles of the region. The students achieved high distinction year after year and made mark in different walks of life.

The mandal always cared for the student from the depressed and economically weaker section of the society and rendered them help by distribution medicines, clothes, books, etc. However the Mandal, with a view to streaming these efforts founder in 1963 a CHILD AND YOUTH WELFARE CENTER later renamed Smt. G.H. Rathi Memorial child and youth welfare center, Akola.

The educational needs of the poor and working class attracted the attention of the Mandal and in 1969 the Mandal started New Era Night High School for the benefit of the poor working classes which could not complete their education. The New Era Night High School Was the first of its kind in this regionand proved to be a great success.